Shadows of Sureness

The strong light coming through the window during these proud and loving parents' toast and the long shadow it cast, is a sure sign that they always have been and always will be right by the side of their son in his journey through life.



Someday this proud dad will pass on his cuff links and help his son figure out a bowtie. 


Picture in a Frame

Calling on a great song to express how much we love it when we see a frame within a frame. 

love you baby and I always will
I love you baby and I always will
I love you baby and I always will
Ever since I put your picture
In a frame

- Tom Waits

Falling into place

Marriage is all about different parts coming together and falling perfectly into place. Hence this great still life that we discovered right before the ceremony in the backroom of the beautiful Unitarian Universalist Church in Newburyport.


Seeking Inspiration

As an artist nothing is more satisfying and exhilarating than being involved in a creative process and feeling like you're the only one in the entire world doing what you're doing at the time you're doing it. Right now, today I'm fairly confident that I'm the only wedding photographer making a connection between the renown photographer, Alfred Stieglitz's timelessly beautiful portraits of Georgia O'Keefe and the images of a bridesmaid from a recent wedding.  It's this way of thinking that enables me to see something unique in every wedding. 

Chicken finger daydream

Though the  only thing on her mind was probably when the chicken fingers were going to be served, we like to think she was actually daydreaming about her daddy walking her down the aisle someday. 


Something olde

We've declared it many times before, but we'll do it again here, WE ARE STORYTELLERS! So we were relishing in the moment when Kathryn reached into the pocket of her wedding dress and pulled out the blanket that her grandmother made for her when she was a baby and then later at the reception when she showed her grandmother her "something olde."

Keeping it Fresh

For us, there's nothing more inspirational and rewarding than a new experience.  Justifiably so, one of the first questions we get from prospective clients is whether we have photographed at their wedding venue.  If the answer is no, we assure folks that this is a huge benefit as we're at our best when there's new things to experience and new places to explore.  We hope this notion shines through in this batch of images from our first Pakistani wedding that we had the immense privilege of being a part of a few weeks ago. 



Presence in Abscence

One of our favorite magical qualities about the art form that we have the privilege of being able to practice is when we're able to create an image that clearly conveys individuality without anyone actually being in the frame.  Here's a few details from a recent wedding that helped prepare us for all the overwhelmingly beautiful and unique things we were soon to witness throughout the day!




Following the light

Back in the early 90's we had the great privilege of attending a summer intensive workshop at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana.  Of all the great advice we were given by world renowned photographers, nothing echoes more than the words, "If you want to create extraordinary images, just follow the light."  Here's an image from a recent engagement session on Plum Island that was taken during the magical golden hour!




Step into our office!

There's really no words to express our profound gratitude for the beauty and inspiration that Plum Island provides for us, so here's some photos that hopefully do the trick!